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It’s Fiesta time — can we get an Olé!

Lets be real, isn’t every day worthy of tacos, tequila, flavor and fun? Sí. And we should know, we’re professional celebrators. So, here’s some colorful (and yummy) inspiration to help you plan problemo-free fiestas.


Friends are always the most important part of a fiesta, but it’s also fun to go a little loco with decor. Pull out your maracas, serapes and sombreros, fiestas are meant to be colorful.

Like a simpler, more natural style? Mexi-Boho (yeah, you read that right) may be for you. How great are these used Enchilada Sauce and other cans potted with bright flowers, succulents and cactus?!

Fancy señors or señoritas should check out this super chic fiesta style.

And, of course, you can always make a run for the border, or a party store somewhere close to your casa for lots of inexpensive supplies and ideas.


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Mexican food and flavor is universally loved by pretty much everyone. Take your treats to a new level by adding some fresh inspiration to the fiesta feast.

Foodies all around the Orange County or Los Angeles area love to flip guests’ sombreros with fresh amaze-bites like these Mini Mahi-Mahi Tacos with Mango Pico de Gallo from Above All Catering & Events.

This Cóctel de Camaronesfound on “From A Chef’s Kitchen” blog, is not your Mamasitas shrimp cocktail.

Food stations are especially fitting for a fiesta. Taco Toppings, Salsa Stations and this Burrito Bowl Bar are just a few ideas to put your own spin on.

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Margaritas are… well, everything. Right?! Though your fiesta wouldn’t be complete without plenty of Cerveza Fría, lets focus on the real star of the show.

With so many margarita variations to enjoy, it seems a good idea to fiesta very very frequently, right? Summer’s on the way, so why not blend up this recipe for Sangria Swirled Frozen Margaritas? Healthy smoothies? I mean, there’s fruit involved. Anyway, this is a party.

If your expecting a crowd, you can’t go wrong with this easy to make, delicious to drink, Strawberry Margarita Punch.

They call it classic for a reason, but you can kick the magic up a notch with this recipe for Margaritas with Fresh Lime & Bitters.


source: a subtle revelry


Entertainment takes care of itself when you make room for fiesta-themed party games. You’ll love this Cactus Balloon Darts game too. It’s good fun, but maybe not the best for cinco-de-drinko’ers.

Unless you’ve got a house mariachi band all lined up, don’t forget to pump up the volume with a motivational music playlist. Also be sure your space is camera-ready with fun props, backdrops & photo ops. 

It goes without saying that Piñatas are perfect for a party. They’re easy to find in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes. You can even bring the bling with this DIY Piñata Makeover Tutorial.

Fiestas are fantastic for Cinco de Mayo, but also for everyday get-togethers, parties and even weddings. With vivid colors, delicious dishes and cultural references, there’s no end to the direction and style your celebration might take. Get more ideas to copy here.

Come on, just say “Hola” and…


Blog Post Written by:  Jodie Fry