The beauty of working with a caterer is boundless. Imagine the time you’d save if leaving out the shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning for your holiday game plan was an option! While it can be overwhelming, we understand that part of the beauty of the holidays is going through these tasks and creating something beautiful in the end – that’s why we do what we do! If you’re straying away from working with a caterer this year, make sure to read up on our suggestions for how to handle this bustling season.

Over complicating and prepping for the holidays tend do go hand in hand. Entertaining guests, cooking an unforgettable meal, keeping the house spotless – how are you supposed to handle it all without letting something slip? Tune in to Above All Catering’s guide to a successful holiday for ideas and recipes the whole family can enjoy!

Without a doubt, the absolute worst part of cooking a meal is always the clean up. An efficient solution to help avoid long hours of dishes and pruned fingers is to switch up the menu. Leave out the gravy caked plates and hoards of utensils this year. Instead, offer your guests festive and fun finger foods sure to fill up their tummies!

As we all know, drinks are a necessity during the holidays. Our company arrives at the front door hoping, and expecting, the wait for food to be minimal. Keep your patrons at bay by starting the charade with a classic cocktail. A little sweet and a tad savory, the Bourbon Ginger Snap will provide a perfect setting to kick off the celebration.

Now that your guests have been warmed up, keep them, and yourself, happy with these easy to make appetizers! Check out the cooking instructions for these tasty treats. Save yourself time by developing menu items that can be cooked at the same time and temperature. Simply prep, place in oven, set an alarm and wait for perfection!

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The beauty of a quick clean up is priceless and will leave you and your loved ones with more time to focus on what should be essential during the holidays, and everyday – being together.