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Are you ready for some football? Super Bowl Sunday calls for a party, whether your team is in the game or not. Rowdy friends & family are coming over so it’s time to suit up and map out your game day hosting strategy.

Super Party Game Plan

Since you’re calling the plays at this party, all you need to do is get a grip on the 3 basics of football.  Offense. Defense. Special Teams. Penalties happen, but shake it off and enjoy the game with your guests to go down for the win and MVH (most valuable host) award.

1. Offense

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RUN – This play calls for the quarterback (that’s you) to hand the ball off to another player. Don’t fumble – Do delegate. Invite all your guests to run with duties such as food, drink, decor, and maybe even some pre/post game entertainment.

PASS – Any party needs that aren’t your strong suit can be passed to a guest with that specific “skill position”. Drop back and find an open receiver to throw a party problem to so they can catch it in the air to complete the pass and eliminate the issue.

SURPRISE – It’s hard to score when you stick to the same old plays. Sure, everyone has their standard sips & dips, but adding a few elements of surprise will win the game. Check out some easy diy ideas, recipes and hosting helps on this Above All Catering Game Day Food & Fun Pinterest Board.

2. Defense

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PLAYER COVERAGE – Or in this case “guest” coverage, is one of two basic defensive football party plays. It’s easy & effective – you’ve got this. Just line up defensive guests with offensive guests. Here’s how that goes…  a defensive guest provides items like disposable plates, napkins & utensils while an offensive guest prepares a dish or brings drinks.

ZONE COVERAGE – Keep guests in the party zone before, during and after the game by assigning a spills & clean-up crew. Read the needs, have the tools handy and fill the gaps.

FUMBLE COVERAGE – Since the best offense is a good defense, you may want to keep these Tips For Cleaning Emergency Party Spills nearby.

3. Special Teams

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PUNT – Conditions don’t have to be perfect for your party to be a huge success. Just prepare for kick-off by broadcasting the game with a few finger foods and beverages nearby.  If seating is sold-out, throw pillows or blankets on the floor so guests can get comfortable. Don’t worry, they couldn’t afford the good seats anyway, otherwise they’d be going #Gaga at NRG Stadium in Houston right about now.

Blog Post Written by:  Jodie Fry

FIELD GOAL –  Kick back and know that you’ve already scored extra points on the party scoreboard simply because you’re hosting an occasion that combines friends, fun, food and football! Truth is, you already won the game.

HOST’S CALL – If there’s one thing guests love more than football, it’s food!  So be sure your calls include Super Bowl worthy dishes & snacks like those found here. Good planning starts in the off-season, so secure your date now for next year’s MVH win by recruiting Above All Catering & Events to handle all the delicious details!

Blog Post Written by:  Jodie Fry