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About the Above All Catering Team
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About Above All Catering

We began our Orange County business in the City of Cypress in 1994. In 1999 Above All Catering was awarded Business of the Year. Due to growth and expansion, we now reside at a state of the art facility in Anaheim.

Our continued commitment to providing our clients with quality cuisine, great service, and steady prices, even when the economy is so volatile and ever so changing, makes us A STEP ABOVE THE REST!

We back up our quality products with talented professional employees. Our experience as a company is incredible. Our Executive Chef, Shahan Mouradyan
, along with his staff, have numerous years experience in the industry. Throughout his years in the industry, Shahan and his staff have catered and prepared foods for just about every cuisine.

We are a full service catering company, therefore we can create and produce events from the ground up, which includes everything from rentals, linens, canopies, flowers, audio/visual, and so on.

Above All Catering is proud to give back to the Orange County community and to the surrounding non-profit groups. We are happy to offer our catering services and support to these groups year after year.

We feel it is important for our customers to know us and our facility. We ALWAYS have an open door policy for you to visit us. Our kitchen and office area is open for you to visit anytime.  You should know where and who is preparing your food.

Gary Rodgers - President / Owner

After 24 years of experience in the catering/restaurant industry, Gary Rodgers knows what it takes to be a successful caterer.   Like the majority of his staff, Mr. Rodgers has worked up the chain of command in the catering world.  Extensive food and beverage experience starting from working as a busboy at a 5-Star dining establishment in San Diego County and eventually worked up to managing all the facilities including 3 banquet rooms, 500 capacity night club and dining room the seats 180. In addition to this facility a small chain of Mexican/ Seafood Market Restaurants were opened and Mr. Rodgers was responsible for their operation. During the early employment years Mr. Rodgers won the prestigious Waiter of the Year Award in San Diego County. Mr. Rodgers went on and furthered his managerial experience with a chain of bistros/café’s, American Restaurant Group and a single location restaurant and bar. This owner has his hand in every aspect of his catering business literally.  It’s all about hard work. I can book it, cook it, grill it, set-up, bartend, decorate, clean-up, even do dishes if I need to.  He carries on this hands-on attitude to his entire staff and trains each of them in all facets of catering so the quality of service is consistent. And the result?  Great food and great service at a great price.  So, in this president’s opinion, what is the secret to being a successful caterer?  Meet and exceed the clients expectations.

Kristi Rodgers - Business Development/Owner
Kristi’s interest was peaked in the catering business while planning her own wedding with Gary. Kristi, through her many years of management in the trade show exhibit and design industry, has the ability to create develop the visual and marketing aides that are needed and does so very well.   Kristi believes that all of the employees should feel as though their family. Loyalty is a hard thing to come by these days and if your employees are treated well with respect and understanding, they in turn will be loyal and hardworking employees.  She is always ready and willing to lend an ear if an employee wants to talk about a situation, problem, or just life.  Although Kristi only works part-time, she is constantly thinking of new ways to enrich the business and provide the Above All Catering staff with the tools they need to do the best job possible.

Shahan Mouradyan - Executive Chef

Alicia Escamilla - Customer Care/Office Manager
/Sales Manager

Alicia is the backbone and integral part to operations here at Above All Catering.  She provides unparalleled customer service to our valued customers while being the communication between the back of the house and the sales force.  Since Alicia’s been onboard at Above All Catering, we have seen increased referrals, lower turnovers, and customer retention all of which have soared to a new high.  No matter what she faces on a day to day basis, Alicia remains calm and collected to do what it takes to make sure clients needs are met.  She always appreciates and thanks her customer’s for their continued business.

Abbi Kidwell - Event Specialist

Liz Mickelson - Event Specialist

Morgan Lamothe - Sales Manager

Above All Catering, Inc.
218 S. Magnolia Avenue Anaheim, CA 92804 US
Phone: 714-220-1289
Dear Future Client,

We would first like to thank you for inquiring into our catering service.  We are proud of what we've accomplished.  It is because of personal service and exceptional staff that we have grown to be one of Orange County's best caterers.

In 1994 our business was located at a small shop in a strip mall in Cypress, CA.  After many years at that location, we simply outgrew the facility and purchased a new office and kitchen in Anaheim, CA.  The doors opened in August 2003.  This allowed us to increase our business and maintain our level of service to our clients.  Don't be suprised to hear we're growing again!

Our personal attention involves offering alternatives to metal trays, boring food, and mediocre service that may be offered by other caterers in our area.  We use little if any frozen, canned, or pre-made products.  Our homemade potato salad is made the old fashioned way, with whole potatoes! 

What our commitment amounts to is handling your event to your specification, whether it is a menu change or additional services, i.e., extra clean-up, bartender service, or extra set-up.  Our staff is personable, professional, flexible, and your event will be memorable, tasty, and done right if you choose us..  Whether it's a wedding reception, corporate luncheon, or birthday party. 

As you compare our catering services to others, please take into consideration all the variables.  Our team will not mislead you, nor are there any hidden fees.  Compare apples to apples to make sure you are getting what you're paying for. 

Call us.  Read our testimonials.  Ask for references.  Visit our kitchen.  Once these steps are taken, you will see that we love what we do!

We want your business and welcome the opportunity to service your next event and gain your trust as one of Orange County's Best Caterers!


Gary and Kristi Rodgers
Owners of Above All Catering

Above All Catering, Inc.
218 s. magnolia avenue . anaheim, ca  92804